Thursday, August 21, 2008

New Blog -- Adoption Talk

OK, in my last post I said it marked the official end of the blog. In case you didn't believe me, and are still looking -- you were right to disbelieve me! THIS is now the official end of the blog! But I wanted to tell folks I've started a new blog that might be of interest to adoptive families.

Our family talks about adoption A LOT! It seems that almost every day my girls or I mention something about their adoptions, their birthfamilies, their caregivers in China. My oldest, Zoe, aged 7, began asking questions almost as soon as she could talk, and this summer has really grappled with the loss of her birthparents. My youngest, Maya, aged 4 (turning 5 in less than 30 days now!), has not asked as many questions -- part of that is that she hears Zoe's questions and my answers, part of that is her laid-back personality.

I process things by writing about them, so I thought I'd get back to blogging to help me examine how we do adoption talk and how to do it better. I'm hoping for lots of comments about how other adoptive families are talking about adoption, too.So, if you want to listen in on our adoption talks and share your adoption talks, too, click here!

The Adoption Talk blog probably won't be as active as this blog was, but I'll post as I can!