Saturday, February 3, 2007

It's Almost Time!

Twenty days before our Xiamen Adventure starts! Zoe is busily counting down the days. Maya is still basically clueless, though every time someone mentions China, she'll say, "I was BORN in China!"

It's starting to feel very real now. We received our tickets in the mail yesterday. We leave DFW Airport at 7:05 p.m. on February 23, and after a 3-hour layover we take the overnight flight from LAX to Guangzhou. We took this same overnight flight when we went to get Maya in March 2005. This time, though, we're going on the cheap, not flying "premium economy" (business class on China Southern), but coach. I'm really hoping that the flight won't be too full since most of the Chinese New Year travelers should already be in China.

We'll spend our first week in China in Guangzhou for orientation. That'll give us a chance to get over our jet lag before going to Xiamen. Someone from the university will arrange for our flight, and accompany us to Xiamen.


Alexandra D said...

Your mom just shared this site with me. I am very excited for you and interessted in reading about your experiences!! I hope to meet your daughters some day!
I admire your adventuresome spirit!
All the best,

LX3 said...

Have fun Zoe! Love, Lanie

mimifrancoise said...

We have been thinking of you all day. Hope you had a good flight. Zoe and Maya I hope you had a good sleep in the airplane. Be good for your mama. bises from Mimi

hlbnartz said...

Hope you guys had a great flight! We are all thinking about you. Natalie said she hoped that Zoe was not bored taking those 7 airplanes!! :)

Have fun,