Sunday, February 25, 2007

We made it to China!

Not too much lugguge, huh? Actually, it is completely outrageous until you remember that we're going for 5 months! Still, it is quite a haul! We ended up paying $96 overweight charge, but I considered it well worth it not to have to worry too much about what we were bringing.

After a long flight we made it to china! We're using the hotel business center and the keyboard is ancient so ignore any typos!

We had flawless flights, with no delays and no lost luggage, and our ride met us in Guangzhou right on schedule. The girls did great, though they only slept 6 of the 15 hours on the flight from LAX to Guangzhou. They mostly managed to entertain themselves the rest of the time with drawing and Polly Pockets.

Our contact took us for a yummy dim sum breakfast before taking us to the Poly Hotel. The hotel is fine, if not fancy. We haven't done much, since we're still pretty jet-lagged. We slept all day -- and pretty much all night, too! It is now 8:30 on Monday morning, and we've had a western breakfast of scrambled eggs and ham (spam!). The girls didn't like Chinese milk, which is sweetened. But they ate every scrap of everything else! They are now dancing to Chinese music in the business center while I try to type! They really have taken to all things Chinese -- we were watching the tv in our room -- chinese programming of course -- when our channel-flipping came upon an English-speaking disney commercial. Zoe immediately changed channels, saying that she wanted to listen to chinese so she could learn it!

We're going to take a taxi later today to Shamian Island, an area of Guangzhou, which is where we stayed for Zoe's and Maya's adoptions. We will re-visit the White Swan Hotel, famous in China-adoption circles, and try to crash the Swan Room (a play room in the hotel outfitted by Mattel for the benefit of adoptive families).

We'll try to post more later!

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