Thursday, March 1, 2007

Just Pictures


Nora Simpson said...

Well, these beautiful pics certainly deserve a narrative! It's been so fun following your journey. Please keep it up -- it's helping me with the wait :)

Rachel Johnson said...

Wow! It is SO neat being able to read about your adventures, and see pictures to go along with it. I miss you guys, and am glad to see that all is well!
Love, Miss. Rachel

Anonymous said...

I love you, Maya.

Emma from Hilltop

Anonymous said...

I love the picture of the red lanterns. It is perfect! I'm enjoying your blog, especially the pictures of my kid's hometown.
We'd love to have one of your pictures of China for the Love Without Boundaries art auction, if you'd be willing to share.
Kimber in MI
Xiamen mom to two

Jeanine Odom said...

I came across your blog on APC and loved the pictures and your adventures sound wonderful. I am curious: did you adopt your older daughter thru GWCA in Oct of 2001? I think you were in my travel group, altho I was with the small group that went to Kunming. I had adopted the older child, Mikaelie LongYan.

Jeanine Hyde (now Odom)