Monday, July 16, 2007

I Spoke Too Soon

Maya isn’t over her cold, after all. She coughed all night and then woke up this morning with those glazed-looking eyes that tell you there’s a fever long before the thermometer does. Her temp was only 99.9, but that’s enough to spend another day at home. And I didn’t see dragging her on a mile-long walk to take Zoe to school, so Zoe stayed home, too. Maya’s fever is gone, but she still has the cough.

So, what’s it like when your child’s sick in a foreign country? Not that different from when she’s sick in the States – at least, when she’s only this sick. I admit it makes me “what if” the situation a little more – what if her fever gets higher? What if the cough doesn’t go away? What if she gets strep? What if she gets an ear infection? I can’t say I’d relish a return visit to the Xiamen Women & Children’s Hospital (where we went for the girls’ school physicals). I wouldn’t even relish a visit to the supposedly western medicine clinic in Xiamen. I not really worried, but it does make you think. We’ve been really lucky that I haven’t had to worry about it at all up to now. And as you can see from the princess picture, Maya’s actually feeling pretty good! (I couldn’t resist posting it so you could see what we do in China when we’re not doing anything at all!)

I also have to share two kids-say-the-darnedest-things comments from today – either the girls were exceptionally funny all day or I’ve gone completely stir-crazy!

First, from the Truer Words Were Never Spoken Department. We were watching two shirtless men play badminton in the courtyard outside our window. Zoe says, “Mama, when boys grow up, do they still feel like kids? Since they don’t get those lumps (breasts) that girls do?”

Then, from the Department of the Obvious Department. Apropos of nothing, Maya declares, “Mama, I LOVE dolphins! They are special in my heart!” I reply, “Really? Why are they special in your heart?” Maya answers, in a tone that reveals she considers me a complete dope, “Because I love them!” And then if that’s not enough, she says, “I wish we had one in our house.” I say logically, “But we don’t have a bathtub.” She collapses in giggles: “A dolphin is TOO BIG for a bathtub!” Yeah, like she had a better idea where to keep one in our house?!


Anonymous said...

Now I know why men act like boys! I had some other theories, but I like Zoe's the best! And, you clearly are the one lacking in dolphin knowledge (or, at least, dolphin imagination)--you with your silly logic!

Do they have movies in China? With English subtitles? We saw Harry Potter yesterday, and I was thinking of you and what I imagine is your prolonged movie deprivation.

mimifrancoise said...

I hope that Maya is feeling better already. I can see by her eyes (on the photo) that she is not well, in spite of her smile.

Anonymous said...

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