Sunday, July 29, 2007

Xi'an Part IV: The Noodle Maker

Hi, this is Zoe. This is my first blog post. It's been fun living in China, because there are fun things to see all the time, like statues and frogs and dragonflies and the fish at Nanputuo. I loved watching the noodle maker at the restaurant we went to for lunch after seeing the terracotta warriors (which were cool!). My mom let me take pictures, and I picked out the ones I wanted to post to the blog, and helped my mom edit them, and then I told her what to type.

To make the noodles, first the noodle maker cut the dough and put flour on the counter and the noodles. He rolled the dough on the counter to get the flour, then he put oil and water on it. He kneaded it for about 5 minutes and then started to stretch it. He swung it up in the air and banged it down on the counter with a loud boom, and he did that over and over again.
Then he stretched it until it became really long.

The dough got really long and thin, and got thinner and thinner as he kept stretching it. And then it just broke apart into noodles – he didn’t cut it or anything! He flopped it up in the air to separate the noodles, and rolled the long noodles on his fingers.
He put the noodles in a big pot to cook – that’s why the pictures look so steamy. It’s also steamy because soup was cooking, too.
While the noodles cooked, the noodle maker put soup in little bowls.
By then, the noodles were cooked. He stirred the noodles and fished them out with a big net on a stick.
Finally, he put the noodles in the soup bowls.
People were standing in line to get the noodles. I ate some of the noodles, too, and I thought they were good. They were a little spicy, but I still liked them.

It was really fun to watch the noodle maker and to take pictures so I’ll always remember how noodles are made!


Wendy said...

That is really cool! I saw a noodle maker from China on TV and I really would love to see him in person! I am glad you got to experience him making the noodles, especially since you got to eat them!

mimifrancoise said...

Zoe, you took some very good pictures. Isn't using a camera fun? Hum, maybe a birthday gift?
Thank you for letting us see your entry on the blog.

Anonymous said...


What a great job you did with your first blog posting! You write as well as your mom!! Thank you for sharing your noodle story with your wonderful pictures.

We are all anxious to hear that you, your sister and mom have arrived back in the United States safely. Note, I did not say "arrived 'home' safely as I think you now have two wonderful homes, one in TX and one in China!

Judy,grandmother to Jing-Mei and Xuedan, living in KS