Wednesday, August 8, 2007

More Photos from Xiada Kindergarten

I got an email today from the mom of one of Maya's friends, Yifan. She sent me these cool pictures from swim time at Xiada kindergarten. Both girls loved the fact that their kindergarten had an actual swimming pool.

I'm particularly excited that it seems that we will be able to maintain contact with some of our friends in China! I hope we'll hear from some others, too. Yifan's mom is an English teacher in primary school (she teaches 10-year-0lds) and she was pleased with the English-language materials I gave out for the kids' parents to keep up their English lessons over the summer. She said the websites I also gave them were useful as well. If anyone knows of websites that might be good for ESL for 10-year-olds, let me know. She'd be thrilled to have more resources.

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Wendy said...

I love the fact that all of the kids have floaties in such a shallow area of the pool and I LOVE the swimcaps--the kids look too cute. It is so great to be able to maintain the friendships across the miles. I am sure the girls will look back on this time and remember it with happiness.