Monday, August 20, 2007

New Glasses, New Teeth

I got new glasses today and I'm very excited. My mother says I look cute. I like having them because they change to dark when I'm in the sun and go back to the normal color when I'm inside. I get to wear them inside. They help me see because things don't look fuzzy anymore.

I lost a tooth and at school at St. Andrew's my teacher Ms. P. gave me a tooth cheer. The class sang, "she lost a tooth, she lost a tooth!" Then there is a tooth chart and all around it it says "I lost a tooth," and I got to write my name on it. The tooth fairy gave me 5 dollars! I have another wiggly tooth and two teeth are growing in behind the lost tooth and the wiggly tooth.

P.S. Tooth fairy inflation, indeed! I remember getting a quarter. In defense of the tooth fairy, just let me say that despite having almost 3 weeks notice of the impending event, she was caught with nothing smaller in her wallet. And I've been telling Zoe that I think the tooth fairy left so much because it was her FIRST tooth. We'll see what happens when the recession hits before the next tooth goes!


Wendy said...

Cute new look! Gotta love that tooth fairy inflation too!

Zartman said...

$5- I can't believe it!

Anonymous said...

The glasses are adorable. Between the jumper and the glasses, she looks ready for high school - well almost!

Tooth fairies don't use I.O.U.s? I'm so glad that I am past that stage; I don't think I could afford the current rate.


mimifrancoise said...

Zoe looks so grown up. Cute too! Oh my, $5? Is the tooth fairy going to put the $ in a saving acct to pay for braces?

mimifrancoise said...

I have to say Malinda brings a laugh out of me everyday! Sorry M, I had not read your entry when I posted a comment about the $5. BTW, I don't think I'll land any earlier. I checked earlier flights and they seem all booked.

Anonymous said...

I have been reading your posts all year. We have lots in common - I am a single mom of two girls from China too. I would love to take my girls and live in China for a while too, but I don't think they have Fulbrights for insurance brokers. :-(
Now this is really funny. My oldest lost her first tooth after months of it being "really wiggly, Mom." and all I had in my wallet was a $5 too! So the tooth fairy left her a note that said "You know, first teeth are worth WAY more than the rest." She was excited to read the note and excited to get the $5, but then she said, "I was hoping to get $20!" OMG, tooth fairy inflation, indeed! And everyone I know is upset that I've set the bar so high. I have to go to the bank and stock up on (how many little teeth do they have?) x # of Sacagawea dollars or maybe some nice state quarters!