Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Tooth Fairy, Redux

OK, I need the low-down on the tooth fairy. Zoe keeps asking questions I can't answer! The most basic is "What does she do with all those teeth?" I did the law-professor/mommy Socratic method and asked, "What do YOU think she does with all the teeth?" Zoe, being into collections, decided the tooth fairy kept them in a tooth collection. But, then, "How does she remember whose tooth is whose when they're too small to write the names on?" "Well, how do YOU think she does it?" Zoe thinks maybe she glues them on a big piece of paper and writes the names under the teeth. "But how can the tooth fairy, who is so little, carry the big piece of paper?" Arrrrgggghhhhhh! "How do YOU think she does it?"

So what exactly is the story of the tooth fairy? You have to admit it's kind of a creepy thing -- what next, the toenail fairy?!


Anonymous said...

Out our house, the tooth fairy discovers the tooth in a small pouch under the pillow - then leaves money in the pouch WITH the tooth. Eventually, they get tired of cleaning around the teeth and throw them away.
Vonna in Kansas

Anonymous said...

There was a movie that my youngest daughter used to watch. The tooth fairy used the teeth to make her castle!!!!

Mel (Maggie's sister-in-law).

PS. Your tooth fairy pays A LOT!! The going rate at my house is 1 or 2 dollars.

Wendy said...

I was on the spot too with Madeline--her fake tooth fell off; The tooth fairy takes her baby teeth and gives them to babies that need them--you know, the recycle method!

Anonymous said...

We have a story book that shows the tooth fairy using the teeth to grow new stars. FWIW.

I just hope no one opens the little dish in my jewelry drawer with the one tiny tooth in there. I want to keep them. Maybe I'll feel different when there are a lot in there, but it is just so small and cute. I can't bear the thought of throwing it away.

I think when they're asking all those questions, they really mean they are quite suspicious and want to see how far you will take it. I am starting to feel bad about insisting on the existence of TF and Santa, etc. At some point, I just know my oldest is going to look at me with that "you lied to me" look in her eyes and I don't know if I'll be able to take it...


Anonymous said...

My mother always told me, and I used, the line that the tooth fairy was magic. After all, she is from the fairy world. Of course, now my son reminds me that I have all of the teeth that were lost at mom's house in my jewelry box. So the TF simply keeps them as weird souveniers. ('Cuz you know moms are just weird sometimes.)

Flower Mound

Queen V said...

My story to Rowan and Eliza is that she collects the baby teeth that fall out and then plants them - like little seeds so that they can become teeth for new babies. So far they are buying it - but giving them money helps!


PS - Welcome back!