Friday, April 13, 2007

10 Things We Like About China

10 Things I Like About China -- Zoe

1. My school because it is fun
2. Going to the park because we get to see the statues
3. That some people speak English
4. Our apartment
5. Our silkworms, which have turned into moths!
6. Riding the bus to places
7. Eating oranges and pipas and star fruit
8. There are lots of noodles
9. Making new friends
10.Learning to speak Chinese

10 Things I Like About China – Maya

1. Riding on the bus
2. Playing games
3. Playing at the park
4. That Mama cooks
5. My teacher
6. My friends
7. Eating fried rice and noodles
8. Going to school
9. The BEACH!
10.Going to the store

10 Things I Like About China – Mama

1. The FOOD!
2. Learning new things every day
3. Learning to cook with Chinese ingredients
4. Talking to people about my kids and adoption
5. Working with eager students
6. Exploring new places
7. That things are strangely simpler when you don’t have so many possessions and such a big house and a car and lots of activities . . . .
8. People-watching
9. Taking pictures with my new camera with the super-duper zoom lens
10.Sharing what we are seeing and learning with our friends and family on our blog


mimifrancoise said...

I am so glad you have your blog. We would feel so alone if we couldn't read it and see the girls. It is fun to be able to follow your "life in China". I am looking forward to share it in person soon.

Wendy said...

I absolutely love your blog--I only wish I had more time to comment (toddler time ya know). Thanks for sharing your experiences and that of your girls!