Saturday, April 28, 2007

Bug Season

I've been wondering when bug season would start here -- given Xiamen's tropical climate, I've been expecting the bugs to be exotic and legion.

Well, I found this beauty on our balcony this morning (no bugs in the apartment, so far, thank goodness!). Any entomologists out there who can tell us what it is?


mimifrancoise said...

Daddy wants to know how big is the bug. Did you call the animal control or use a fly swatter? ....or the police. Funny funny grandpa!

Stephie said...

creeeeepy that is what it is.....this yahoo group may be of some help.
I think it looks like a cicadid or somthing like that. I know I would have freaked if I saw it and even noticed it was a bug!!! eewwww

malinda said...

Very funny, Daddy! Actually, it was smaller than a Texas tree roach (I really can't stand those things!), and I did little but ask it to pose for a portrait! Then I firmly shut the door to the balcony, and when I next went out there, it was gone. Yippee!

Lesa said...


I hope you look at this..... Mike seems to think it is some kind of moth. It does have an unusual face on it, but the legs look like a moth. Of course, it has wings.
We thought it was very unusual and pretty.
Mike did have a request....if you see any other bugs post them please.....
Lesa Lambert