Saturday, April 21, 2007


OK, I occasionially get asked in the States whether Zoe and Maya are twins -- right, they're twins, but Zoe is two feet taller than Maya! Well, I 've been asked the same question here, too.
And I get asked the ubiquitous "Are they sisters" question here, too. Of course, they're sisters! It was their idea to share a kiss when I asked them to stand face to face so I could take a picture of their new hair doodads. And right now they are fighting instead of going to sleep like they're supposed to. How like sisters!
But I'm also amazed that I get LOTS of comments -- especially from the grandmothers on the school playground -- that Zoe and Maya look so much alike. I've always been dismissive of that comment when it's made in the States by non-Chinese. I've figured it was just the black hair, similar haircut, and Asian eyes that was inspiring the look-alike comments. They look COMPLETELY different to me! Zoe's mouth is wider, Maya's nose is just a tiny dot in the middle of her face, and their skin tones are very, very different.
But when I hear from Chinese people that they look alike, I guess I'll have to start believing it! But I still think the "are they twins" question is just plain silly . . . .


mimifrancoise said...

I am really surprised you get asked this over there. OH, well!Enjoy your weekend.

Anonymous said...

In the photos, they look VERY much alike! In person, I don't see it as much. Glad you survived the hike up and down and up and down the mountain! Sue