Wednesday, April 4, 2007

Tonight's Dinner Conversation

Zoe: I wish I could be a grownup soon.
Me: Why is that?
Zoe: Then I could adopt a baby while we're in China and take her home.
Me: Really?
Zoe: Yes, and I could name her Emily or whatever I like. If she's a girl. I want a girl but if they don't have any girls I could have a boy.
Me: OK.
Zoe: And when we get home I have to have diapers and make bottles. . . and I'll call you to help me put up the crib!
Me: I hope so -- I'll be the baby's grandmother so I'll want to help.
Zoe: I don't know if you'll be alive, but I hope you are!


onehappymom said...

Hi, Malinda! I read your post on the single-adopt-china list. I am also a single mom to two daughters from China, ages 6 and 4. My oldest is from Jinjiang in Fujian province - so not too far from where you are. Thank you so much for sharing your blog!

Anonymous said...

Oh, That girl! She has it all figured out. I miss listening to her talk non-stop. Daddy says that when Zoe is not around, Maya talks a lot too...and that's true. LOL

StaceyB said...

Hi Malinda,

I enjoyed reading your blog. We also adopted from Guangxi. Our daughter Emma is from the Nanning SWI. I was wondering how the teaching in China thing works and how you applied. My DH is a professor here at OU in education and that is something that would be of interest when our girls are a little older.

Mom to the miracle triplets: Julia, Leah, and Sarah (b. 7/2/05 at 31 weeks)
and our miracle from Nanning, China: Emma (b. 2/13/05, a. 3/29/06)
Check out our pictures at our Dad's website:

Emily and the girls! said...

Hi Malinda!
What a treat to hear from you on via the list (or should I say, via several of the lists to which I belong-lol!). I've wondered how things were going for you in China and am thrilled to now be able join in on your journey, so to speak! What a wonderful experience for all of you. I can't get over how the girls have grown, especially Zoe, of course!
Take care,
Emily, Sylvie and Willa!

Anonymous said...

The yiddish word used when our kids say something that makes us bubble over with emotion and pride is "qvell" or "kvell." Both the girls give you legitimate opportunities to kvell.

Heidi Whitaker