Saturday, April 28, 2007

Scenes from the Playground

We like to hang out on the school playground after I pick up the girls. A lot of the parents and grandparents on pickup duty will also stay with their charges, while they play and eat snacks. I love the grandparents who come armed with washcloths and chase after their child wiping off sweat. It's pretty funny that they bundle up the kids so that they are all sweaty, and then frantically remove the sweat for fear the poor kids might cool down!
Zoe tells me the little girl drinking juice had a birthday this week -- with cake and the class singing "Happy Birthday" in Chinese. I'm told that big birthday celebrations are now the norm, but in the old days (like when the parent who was telling me this was growing up) they only celebrated the decade birthdays. I'm also told that when your Zodiac year comes up -- every 12 years, since they cycle around that often -- it is considered a very dangerous year because bad things can happen to you. So to ward off bad luck, children and even adults will wear red underwear all year!


mimifrancoise said...

Thanks for posting pictures. You know we always want to see photos of our girls. They seem to enjoy being at school.
Bises from sunny Fort Worth.

Kerri said...

I love hanging out on the playground after school! It's so fun watching Grace play/interact with the kids and exchanging at least nods, if not many words, with the other parents. So funny how similar our experiences are - except the sweat part (though that seems to be changing finally - hooray!).

mimifrancoise said...

Is Zoe taller than most children in her class over there too? We know that she is tall for her age, but in these pictures she is much taller than most. Daddy laughed, saying that Zoe is in the middle of usual. Maya seems content to play quietly.