Saturday, June 23, 2007

Q & A

We did absolutely nothing today, so I have absolutely nothing to post about! (And I mean we did "absolutely nothing" -- we never left the apartment, wallowing in the airconditioning. It was a brutally hot day, and there just didn't seem to be anything sufficiently intriguing to lure us outside. Not to mention we didn't get much sleep last night. It seems that drunken revels to celebrate graduation are universal; last night there was a huge group of young men celebrating in front of the restaurant that shares our concrete courtyard. The celebration included lots of yelling, drunken singing, and lots and lots and lots of posing shirtless for the camera while doing body-building poses. This went on for HOURS!).

So how about y'all tell me what to post about. Are there any burning questions you want to ask? Leave them in the comments, and I'll try to post answers. I can't always post to the comments -- part of that net nanny thing -- so if you've asked something in the past and I haven't answered, ask again and I'll answer on the blog this time.


Wendy said...


I have one. As far as free travel, can Chinese citizens apply to go out of the country and automatically get that request? We were wondering about inviting Madeline's foster mother to America sometime, could she come easily or is the process to get a visa to come to our country difficult or permission to travel a problem?
Oh, I don't know if you ever got my email about the minority outfits? Please let me know how to pay you and how to configure a size for Madeline. She currently wears about a 4t top and 2t waist on the bottom, but a 3t in length. I appreciate it so much.

I also went invite only on my blog, if you would like to follow along I will definetly send you the invite!

Have a great day and try to stay cool!

AmericanFamily said...

1) What did your kids like best about moving to China?

2) What was the hardest part?

3) Have you picked up any easy and delicious Chinese recipes? Any from Guangxi province?

3) Do the law students you teach know about the huge demand for Chinese "legal consultants" to work at international law firms, even though they would have to give up their Chinese law lisence? If so, are they interested in those jobs? Do most of your students plan to work for law firms? (My husband is a lawyer and we have been researching how law firms work in China)

Anonymous said...

Is there something you really wanted to do or experience in
China that you haven't had the
chance to do yet?
Is there something that took you
by surprise since you've been in
China? Like a stereo type or image
that we as Americans expect, but
really isn't the norm? Elizabeth

Dee said...

I heard there were movies for sale everywhere in China, dirt cheap. Have you seen this?

mimifrancoise said...

Did you have time to go look for musical instruments ofr the girls? And did you have time to go see a ballet class?

Anonymous said...

The family (DH and two kids ages 5 and 4 ) and I will be moving to Kunming China in August. Will you please do an entry on money - how much daily stuff costs, travel costs, unexpected costs, etc.? We'll be making very little money (teaching university level English) and everyone says we'll do just fine, but I'm a bit skeptical. I'd really like to stay within our Chinese salaries and not raid our home account to much, if possible. We will have a housing allowance. Thanks for your input.

A.M.B.A. in MI

Anonymous said...

oops! That should be "too much" as in "that's too much of an error for an English teacher to make" !


Anonymous said...

Okay, I am late with my question... I am curious about how much Chinese language Zoe and Maya have picked up at school. How do they communicate with their teachers and school friends? Sue