Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Random Photos from Guiping


Anonymous said...

I love the matching blue dresses on Zoe and Maya. Although, I do remember hating when my mother dressed my sister and I alike. It might have had something to do with the fact our matching outfits were homesewn. Mom really labored on those orange and yellow striped poncho-pantsuits. Eek.

At my brother's wedding a few years back, my sister and I independently selected our outfits. We both showed up in simple black sheath dresses, sleeveless, same lines, just different materials (mine was lace and hers was a knit, I think). We both wore pearls and heels. I liked the fact that we matched or coordinated. She hated it. Might have something to do with her being a few years younger than I.

I hope Zoe and Maya always enjoy dressing alike.

Flower Mound

malinda said...

LOL! In my defense, let me say that matching is NOT my idea! The girls LOVE to wear matching outfits. And it is ZOE, not little sister, who wants to match!!!!

All this started when Maya first came home, and the sibling rivalry was at its strongest. Every outfit I put on Maya had Zoe crying that Maya was "more prettier" than she was, or that the outfit was "more prettier."

One day, for some special occasion, I did put them in matching dresses. Zoe was THRILLED! I think it actually helped to reinforce for them the idea that they are sisters.

So now when I do buy something and there is something matching, I go ahead and do it. I assume they'll grow out of this phase sooner or later. Bur right now it works for them.