Sunday, June 24, 2007

Re-Running the Marathon

Today was another scorcher, but I couldn’t see keeping the kids cooped up in the apartment for another day, as tempting as the air-conditioning is! So we headed out early in the hopes of getting a little fun in before it got too warm. We decided to take the bus from Beach Gate to the International Exhibition Center – we could explore a new stretch of waterfront and see the life-size statues of runners from the Xiamen marathon (we watched the marathon back in March, and had seen the statues along the Island Ring Road when we took Mimi to the airport).

My hopes for sea breezes to cool us down were not realized; there was nary a ripple on the water. We saw, though, that there were kiosks renting bicycles, even bicycles built for 3! Despite much pleading from the girls, I resisted. Maybe we'll do it another time . . . .

Still, the girls enjoyed the statues of marathoners and had to re-enact the event.

Running . . . See, they're neck and neck with the leader! Those other runners don't stand a chance -- after all, it's a little hard to compete when you're carrying an umbrella!
Helping out at the water stop . . . After all, they are so far in the lead they can afford to help out (I hope it doesn't turn out to be one of those tortoise-and-the-hare things!)

Even photographing the winners . . . Wait a minute, how will Zoe photograph herself winning the marathon?!
Here's the solution -- Zoe suggested we take one more picture “in front of the flowers for Mimi!” So I guess this is the girls in the “winner’s circle,” having won the Xiamen International Marathon!

That was enough fun in the sun for all of us, so we hopped a bus back to Beach Gate. We stopped at the market for some fruit, went to the store for some baked goods for breakfast tomorrow, and then jiggedy-jigged home to blessed air-conditioning! Ahhhhhh!


mimifrancoise said...

The girls look like they were having so much fun, in spite of the heat. We are counting the weeks until your return.

Wendy said...

Hello again,

Looks like a lot of fun--as I am not a fan of running, I know I would not re-create the event, but my husband and daughter would! Looks tiring!
Thank you again for getting the minority outfits--I would like to have one for now and one for a year or two down the road (school age); whatever you think and how many you think. THANKS!
I thought of another question--do you think Zoe or Maya got more from the experience and why? Do you think the timing was right for both of them or do you think one age over the other is best to go back and live or visit? Finally, are the girls glad to go home and which do they prefer? Okay, that was more than one question!

Yes, Minister... said...

I have been reading you blog for a VERY long time and the girls are getting to be so grown up!

I looked for an e-mail on your blog and couldn't find one so that is why I am posting here. Are you in contact with any other Fulbright scholars in China? The reason I ask is that one of my husbands law professors is in China right now too. She was his favorite professor. She, like you, also has a daughter who was adopted from China. Just curious. Please e-mail (in my blogger profile) if you get the chance :D

I really do enjoy reading the blog :D