Monday, May 21, 2007

Art Contest

Remember Maya's art project? The teacher gave us a piece of paper before the May holiday and said "make a picture?" Well, I didn't realize it was for a school-wide art contest (especially since Zoe's teacher didn't say anything about it and didn't give Zoe a piece of paper . . . ). But when we got to school today the art was all displayed, and several parents rushed up to tell me that Maya had won second place! She must take after her Mimi!

I was really proud of Zoe, too -- there was great potential for sulking since she didn't even have a piece on display. But instead she gave Maya a big hug to congratulate her, and calmly assessed all the other pictures to find her favorites. Whew!

Anyway, I thought you might want to see some of the drawings. Pretty impressive for 3-5 year-olds.

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Sophie's Mom said...

Those are pictures from 3-5 year olds? Amazing!