Saturday, May 19, 2007

More Photos From Saturday


Kim said...

Mindy, Loved your trip to the Mall, but when I tried to post a comment, there was no place to do so. Not sure why. Anyway, love to read about your adventures!

Anonymous said...

I love your daily posts.
I look forward each day to
reading them. I feel like
I'm there with you. Don't
know what I'll do when you
come back to the US, go into
withdrawls? elizabeth

Sophie's Mom said...

I really enjoy your blog. Like Kim, I was unable to comment on your last post. Reading your blog makes me miss China so much, but at the same time I'm there with you, your posts are so informative! I enjoy it very much, please continue to post like you have, you'd have a lot of unhappy followers! LOL
Great pictures, too!

Anonymous said...

Third photo from the top - a little bit of Easter Island? Upon first glance, that was what came to mind. LOL


Janet said...

Hi Mindy,
Let me know if you receive this.
Hope I did it right this time. Janet

Janet said...

I think I got it right.
I love reading all your news. The girls are beautiful and so lucky to have you for their Mom.
Love to all of you, Janet