Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Mimi's Coming!

The girls are so excited that their Mimi -- my mom -- is coming to visit for a month. She arrives around 11 this morning. It was all I could do to get the girls to sleep last night since they were bouncing off the walls, and actually bouncing on the beds, singing, "Mimi's coming, Mimi's coming!"

We'll take the bus to the airport to meet her, and then take a cab back home since it might be hard to manage her bags on the bus. I know Mimi always packs light, but I gave her a shopping list of things to bring us so it won't be quite as light as usual this time.

Actually, our shopping list was pretty short, since we can find most everything we want here. She's bringing Shout or Spray & Wash -- cold-water washing doesn't do much for stain-removal. And the girls don't know it yet, but she's bringing microwave popcorn. And I'm excited that she's bringing me some English-language books! You can find books in English here, if you're not a picky reader (which I am). The International Bookstore near us has one book case of English books, and if you're eager to read the Unauthorized Biography of Tonya Harding, the Story of Bronze (yes, exactly what it sounds like), or anything by Judith Kranz, you'll be happy with the selection. Xinhua Bookstore has an impressive collection of classics, so if you want to re-read Ivanhoe or the Scarlet Letter, you're set. But there is little in the way of cheesy, modern, fun reading.

Anyway, we'll post when Mimi gets here, and let you know how her long trip went.


Anonymous said...

Amazon doesn't deliver?

Anonymous said...

Hi, Malinda
All of us in the Yahoo group know how excited your mom is to be on her way. We are awaiting to hear she arrived safely!
I LOVE the traditional costumes you purchased for the girls! Your mom offered to bring something back for the Angel Covers auction next fall so tell her that would be one great idea. China has so many wonderful things! I've never shopped so much as when we were there for 3 weeks in 2003! I bought fabulous artwork which I enjoy every day. Ahhhh, shopping in China. How I hope I have that opportunity again someday.
Can't imagine having a baby in China! The director of one of our granddaughter's orphanage has been very ill and trying to get information from the medical community is very difficult. Do you know Amy Eldridge of Love Without Boundaries? Her husband is a surgeon in OK. City and they have been very involved in helping assess Dr. Huang's condition....which, very sadly, isn't a bit good.
A special "howdy" to your mom! How wonderful to have her with you on Mother's Day.

malinda said...

LOL! Yes, Amazon delivers. But I'm told it can take months for a package to get through China customs. It would arrive about the time we left! And Mimi is cheaper than Amazon shipping!

Zartman said...
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Zartman said...

Is Mimi bring the "Blue Book?" I'm using it now for a final check on my paper and I don't know how anyone could live without it. *rolls eyes*

malinda said...

Oh, I don't need her to bring me the Blue Book -- I have it memorized, of course!

Anonymous said...

All this talk about the blue book and we wonder why people think attorneys are a bubble off plumb? I think I would go crazier (just ask my son, I'm already crazy) without reading material.

H. Whitaker