Thursday, May 31, 2007

Truth in Advertising?

I got a fit of the giggles when I saw this sign for the Feng Li Da Arts and Grafts Co. in the Xiangjiang Shopping Center in Xiamen. It was closed, so I can't tell you if it lives up to its name. But I really appreciated the warning!

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Krista said...

Hello Malinda, Zoe, Maya and Mimi

I found your blog through Single Adopt China. Someone mentioned it recently. I went back and read it all the way through from the first post and I love it!!

I'm also single and LID 6-14-06 in the endless wait for my first daughter. I love reading about your adventures in China with your beautiful daughters. Just wanted to let you know that you'll be seeing me on your sitemeter as I follow along. LOL!

Pop over to my blog sometime and say hello.