Friday, May 4, 2007

Finding the Sea and So Much More!

When we went on the mountain-climbing trip with the law school, we returned to Xiada on the Island Ring Road that parallels the beach. It seemed to me that there was a way to the beach, and the stone sea wall along the beach, other than through Beach Gate. So we decided to find that alternate route today. We also found many interesting sights along the way.

Yes, it’s true – the Chinese use bamboo for scaffolding. That stuff is STRONG!
Throughout campus we find these stones buried in the ground. I have no idea what they signify, but we found the source today!

The girls had fun posing in front of any vaguely interesting object – if you can figure out how to make them STOP doing the #@%$ peace sign, let me know!

Our trek was successful – we did find the ocean and the sea wall!

The water came all the way up to the wall for most of the length of the wall, but in one area there was a beach and a handy staircase down to the sand. I stayed on the seawall, blissfuly sand-free, while the girls walked barefoot from one staircase to another.

The girls weren’t too interested in staying on the beach, because we could see in the near distance a ferris wheel – and we had to check it out.
Next installment – the carnival!


Anonymous said...

Posted comment under wrong entry. Sorry.

mimifrancoise said...

It looks like you do have a lot of places to go to explore Xiamen. Thanks for the photos. I know the girls are enjoying themselves. Can hardly wait for the entry on the carnival!

Zartman said...

"Peace" ;)

AmericanFamily said...

Ah, the peace sign just goes to show how much of China they have absorbed. When we got back from our adoption trip, every single posed photo with someone chinese had at least one peace sign.

Anonymous said...

Maybe you can get them to substitute another sign, like the Texas Longhorns sign or even the TCU Horned frog sign (peace sign with curled fingers). It would at least add some variety to the photos! ;-)