Sunday, May 20, 2007

A trip to the mall

The day dawned rainy and gray, so we decided to do what we do in America on a rainy day – we went to the mall! Making the decision is about the only thing that resembled a trip to the mall at home, though. First of all, we took the bus instead of driving the car.
Like in America, we shopped ‘til we dropped – but unlike America, the prices were fabulously low! I bought each girl a skirt and top in this store, each piece $3. (The girls are singing along to the radio blaring in the shop. The words of the song are Chinese, but it is unmistakably “It’s So Easy to Fall In Love (it’s so easy, it’s so easy, yeah, yeah!)”).

We even found kiddie entertainment at the mall here, though perhaps you wouldn’t expect a carriage drawn by a formerly-live and stuffed horse in America (this seems to be our weekend for taxidermy)!
And like in America, we ate at the mall food court – and that’s as far as the similarity went. But I love eating at the food court here, because everything imaginable is on display, and you simply have to point to get what you want!

You’d never find Wal-Mart as an anchor store in a mall in America, but you do in China. So we zipped in to get just a few items after our mall adventure. It was so crowded and noisy that we hurried to get out. The noise was mostly from music blaring – it was like a three-ring circus and a rodeo mixed into one! We pretty much ran screaming from the store. Thankfully, the bus ride home was QUIET and not crowded at all. And thankfully the rain had stopped, so we didn’t have to juggle our groceries (including a watermelon – what were we thinking?!) and umbrellas.

The mall in China is a jumble of new sights and sounds, exotic smells and tastes. And just like in America, it makes a great place to while away a rainy day!