Saturday, May 5, 2007

Four Seasons Art Project

The girls are getting quite blog-conscious -- when we finished Maya's art project she asked if we could post it to the blog for Mimi and Grandpa to see!

On the last day of school before break, Maya's teacher gave us a large piece of paper and said that Chen Xing's mom would explain what to do -- that's my helpful English-speaking parent. We were to make some kind of picture having to do with nature or the environment. Maya could draw it, or we could cut out pictures from magazines. And it would be ok for Zoe to help. Sounds simple, right?

Of course I had to make it complicated -- the summer picture has real sand and shells glued on. The spring tree is real bark. We never did find any construction paper, so all the paper here is actually wrapping paper -- except for the "snow," which is toilet paper, as I'm sure you can tell! We had quite a flurry of itsy-bitsy pieces of paper in the apartment. But we had fun doing it, including the nature walks to get sand and bark and to observe palm trees to figure out how to make the trunk look right!

And since it rained ALL DAY yesterday, we had plenty of opportunity to create our masterpiece -- we only left the apartment once all day, and that was just to go down to the lobby of the apartment building to kick the ball around. (I actually saw our porter MOVE -- he played catch with Zoe (but stayed seated the whole time!)).


mimifrancoise said...

That's quite a good art project. It looks like Zoe or Mama helped a lot. How much "hands on" did Maya have? Tell Maya and Zoe "Good job". Are the palm fronds painted? Or are the fronds a collage?
My suitcase is almost packed.

malinda said...

Oh ye of little faith! Maya did all the glue application, and we have the messy carpet to prove it! She and Zoe tore all the paper, and glued it on. Maya drew the sun, flower, and moon, Zoe drew the stars. Mama cut the palm fronds, the triangles for the pine tree, and the grass. Maya painted on the glue and sprinkled on the sand. Mama glued on the shells and the tree bark. So Maya had LOTS of hands-on. Now I won't speak to the design work . . .