Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Mimi's Here!

We picked Mimi up at the airport after her long flight with no trouble -- and she says her flights were no trouble at all. I'll have her post about her flight experiences later on when she's more rested. The girls were so excited this morning to go get Mimi -- I distracted them with the sign-making project, but they could hardly wait to leave for the airport.
As you can see from these pictures, Mimi looks pretty chipper after the long flight, and she was as excited as the girls to join up with us.

The girls immediately had to tell Mimi EVERYTHING that has happened to them in the last 2 months, and Zoe has been seriously instructing her on all things Chinese: "Mimi, you can't sit 'like this' (with foot on knee) because it's rude to show the bottom of your foot to people, but it isn't rude to stare, so you can do that."

We took Mimi to lunch at Lin Duck House, where she had a well-deserved beer -- I know, she doesn't even like beer! But it's the one guaranteed cold drink in China! After lunch, we let Mimi sleep for an hour, and then we've been keeping her awake with a walk to the park and making her read bedtime stories to the girls. She says she feel surprisingly good after the long flights. But we'll let her go to bed soon, and hopefully getting on China time quickly will make the jetlag pass quickly.


Anonymous said...

So nice to finally see the infamous Mimi!! I'll miss reading her comments, but will certainly be reading her posts. I 'd love to hear your take on thiings, Mimi. Enjoy the visit w/ your girls....

Barb said...

I am so glad you had a good trip. Just think, you went hald way around the world. Have a great time with your 3 girls! And be sure to blog.

Anonymous said...

It's so good to hear (and see)you arrived safely! Enjoy your girls!

Anonymous said...

I can't figure out how I found your blog, but I am enjoying it so much. I love learning about different cultures and it sounds like you and your girls are having a wonderful time. How nice that your mom could join you on this trip. I hope you all have so much fun together.